I hear this all the time “Chase your dreams” “Life is what dreams are made of” “Never stop
dreaming” etc. When I heard these sayings I understood it to be ones vision in life, a target or goal
to work towards. Never could I have anticipated what happened to me 8 years ago.

I sat at work, hating what I was doing with my time and it was frustrating me. I often asked myself
“what am I doing with my life?” “is this all there is for me?” “FML” lol right? One night I had this
random dream that I was a photographer. I had never thought of photography before this dream at
all. I was on a beach taking photos of random people and their kids, smiling and laughing, having a
great time. You know when you wake up the next morning you forget the dream? This didn’t
happen with this specific one. I remember it quite vividly. That morning I woke up and everything
just felt right. I proceeded to go to work as per normal, but as soon as I got there I started looking
around for courses and by 10am that morning I booked myself into a course at Don McKenzie
Studios (A seasoned Photographer in South Africa). My manager at the time allowed me time off
every week to complete this course because he could see how absolutely sure I was that I had to do
this. I loved everything I learnt about photography and was hooked from the get go. I was under a
lot of financial strain and unfortunately after I completed my course I did not pursue it as a career
simply because I had no money for equipment and had too many responsibilities to take care of and
that was my priority. Years passed by but deep down I knew that I would take it up properly one

The sad and unfortunate reality is that someone I love dearly was taken away from this world and
that really knocked me off my block. This was the biggest wakeup call I had ever received. I was
reminded that I won’t be here forever either. From that, I realised that I had to live more instead of
fade away daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. I had to do what I was I meant to and this time I was
going to do it at any cost.
I bought the equipment I needed to get my photography career going. The feelings I felt when I
held that camera for the first time are indescribable but if I were to try and explain it I’d say that it
was something similar to what Jimi Hendrix must have felt when holding his guitar or to what
Messi feels when standing with his one foot on top of his soccer ball. It just felt right.
The second week after I got the camera I was booked for my first gig, a kiddie birthday party and I
was paid R400 for it. It’s like I held my breath for 7years and at that moment I could finally exhale
and take in a fresh breath of crisp air like never before.

It has now been 10 months since then and I am pretty sure most photographers could never have
wished for a better start than I have had. Everything from model shoots, weddings, product shoots,
parties etc. Here I am with about 35 shoots under my belt, a website and a home studio on the way.
It all started with me taking that step. My only regret is that I did not do it sooner. We get side
tracked easily and we tend to put our dreams on the back burn. Is it because we are too afraid of
stepping out of comfort zone? Are we too afraid to fight back and actually make something of
ourselves? This life is very short. We are only here for a limited time and its our duty to persevere
and achieve what we want to. No one has ever achieved greatness by being comfortable. Sometimes
we have to get uncomfortable in order to take the next step to move onward and upward. My advice
to you is find your talent and pursue it, today!

In closing, I’d like to answer your questions about why I chose the peculiar name Digital Bath
Images for my photography business. Its inspired by the title of a song that helped me through that
dark patch I was in after losing my sister. So this business is in honour of her memory and a
constant reminder of her. The values and style of my business is also based on her personality…
warmth, laughter, friendliness, freedom, originality, daring, memorable to name but a few.

I chased my dream, literally, and it continues to provide me with happiness and contentment.

Thank you all for the undying support. Words cannot express my gratitude for the people who have
guided me along the way. Thank you!
For all your photographic requirements or even questions about photography, please feel free to
contact me.

Chase your dreams and never stop believing in yourself. Take that first step!

Sarfaraaz Khan